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I recently shared a demo of AI automating email tasks and I asked friends what else I should automate. A friend asked about making memes with AI. I thought, why not? I enjoy sharing tangible examples of advanced AI and what’s a better display of intelligence than humor?

Using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model, I found it exceptionally good at selecting the image and parsing the text to overlay. It was fun and interesting to see it come to life.

I launched the project at the end of 2021. Not all memes made perfect sense, but it was entertaining to witness the AI’s attempt at humor.

I posted on Product Hunt using some engagement tips from friends. I woke up in the morning and was Product of the Day. Over 1,000 users joined on the first day. By the third day, users created over 15,000 memes.

Many users enjoyed interacting with AI to make memes and some expressed interest in paying for such a service, but that was not the intention of the project. Some advertising may be required to cover the AI cost, but the project is not about monetization. Instead, the goal of the project is to share advancements in AI with the general public in a relatable and fun way. My hope is that AI humor can be a conversation starter for more important discourse such as what advanced AI means for our future.

I’d like this project to be open source. The code is available to view and contribute to on Github. I’ll be following up on this post with a code series to share with the community about how the code and AI work to encourage developers to contribute.

With the community’s help, we can witness AI advancements in a lighthearted, yet meaningful way.




Software engineer focused on AI. Learning every day. Interested in collaboration.

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Josh Bickett

Josh Bickett

Software engineer focused on AI. Learning every day. Interested in collaboration.

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